When workplace transformation impacts management practices

About This Project

“Show me your office, I’ll figure out the company you work for”



Problem defining: Illustrate innovative practices through a ‘user’ study, but also collect testimonials from managers and employees involved in the issues of well-being at work. Analyze the different levels of transformation according to company types

Qualitative study on the perception of well-being at work.


Here’s what we figured out to be some of the key areas:

The goal was to find relevant insights to make CBRE’s clients and prospects think about the ‘intangible’ and human levers of quality of life at work.

We conducted individual (in situ) ethnographic  interviews with managers and employees of various companies about the work environment. (Axa, Sanofi, Cbre, Renault, Orange, BlaBlaCar)

All interviews were filmed and edited as key testimonials.



A brand new qualitative approach to the uses and behaviors of office life:

  • Creation of a new typology of companies.
  • Strategic recommendations,
  • Website dedicated to the new expectations of users.
  • Study report illustrated with photos and a synthetic infographic intended for sales representatives to explain the stages of transformation in companies.



#ethnographic observation, #behaviors, #innovation, #transformation #change management